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Velodays Copyright Protection Plan

Velodays Copyright Protection Plan

Stunning picture of a Scottish river with mini water fallsThis website is run and controlled by Neil Innes of Velodays Cycling Holidays.

In accessing this website, you agree that:

All source code, some graphics, logos, icons, and images used on this website belongs to Velodays Cycling Holidays. There are some things on this website that we don't own the entire copyright to, such as 3rd party logos for example. Certain images are trademarks of and/or copyrighted by their respective owners.


* If we find out you have copied or used anything that we own the copyright too without our written consent, we will first email you to request it to be taken down. If we are ignored we will contact your host and ask them to take your site down. Finally legal action will be taken if this fails.

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