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Cycling Holidays Frequently Asked Questions

Cycling Holidays Frequently Asked Questions

Scotland - home of great short break cycling holidays

We have tried to answer the questions we are asked most commonly ...or if they are not asked we suspect they are the questions on the minds of most people thinking about taking a cycling holiday. If you need any more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Are there many hills?

Most people have at least some concern about this issue before embarking on a cycling holiday. Scotland is far from a flat country and our routes generally reflect this. However, we don't have the type of mountains that you will find in the Alps for instance. Most of our routes are selected to avoid the worst of the hills, but equally, by using quiet back-roads you do find yourself going up and down small hills more than you would on main roads. One of two of our holidays have been designed to offer the more enthusiastic hill-climber the chance to see Scottish scenery from some of the higher vantage points. These options are probably best avoided if you are nervous about the hills!

How fit do I need to be for cycling?

If you are not a regular cyclist but are reasonably physically active you will probably find that cycling 25 - 30 miles is not as difficult as it sounds, but you will certainly benefit from getting out on a bike to have a few practice runs before your holiday.  If getting out on a bike isn't an option, a stationary bike in a gym or a spinning class will give you a good workout, but getting out doing real cycling is the key to being prepared. 

Will my bottom hurt for the duration of my holiday?

A tricky one! The combination of a bit of practice before you go and investment in a couple of pairs of good quality cycling shorts will help greatly. It probably wouldn't be a cycling holiday without an "oooh" when you initially get back on the bike (second morning is usually the moment of truth). It doesn't last - you will be fine!

My partner / friend wants to go on a cycling holiday... but I'm not so sure.

Another tricky problem. We offer a range of short cycling breaks that give you a chance to try cycling as a holiday activity without committing to a week or more on two wheels. The crucial thing in our view is to get yourself out for a couple of day trips in the countryside around your own home and see how comfortable you feel and see how much you enjoy it.

How is the weather for cycling in Scotland?

Scotland's climate can get some bad press. In our opinion Scotland has a great climate for cycling and other outdoor activities. It's not a secret that our summer temperatures do not rival Mediterranean Europe, however the quantity of rainfall in Scotland can often be exaggerated. In every month of the year, Edinburgh's average rainfall is lower than Amsterdam's, but it doesn't put the Dutch off cycling.

Large river and bridge with amazing views in HighlandsThe West of Scotland is wetter (but milder) than the East. If hot days in the sunshine are what you are after, you probably you won't be thinking about Scotland anyway. Our country is green and beautiful and the scenery is truly spectacular in all weather conditions.

For those living further south, don't forget the longer daylight hours in Scotland during the summer it will be light until 23:00pm in mid-summer. If you want to do your cycling in the evening that is entirely possible.

What happens in the event of really bad weather?

It is pretty unusual for rain to last throughout an entire day but it can happen. On any bike brakes cycling holiday you will be supplied with details of local taxi companies that can help transport you and your bike. Depending on the distance involved this may be an expensive option, but does allow you to rest assured that you do have an option in the event really awful weather conditions.

Are the routes on roads or cycle paths?

Usually a combination of both. We have designed our routes with a number of considerations in mind, including the use of routes that have good road surfaces and also roads that are not heavily used by motor traffic. On the odd occasion we have deliberately selected quiet rural roads rather than traffic-free path, where the traffic-free paths are narrow and have surfaces that are not especially good for touring cycling. Some traffic free paths are disused railway lines and as result don't offer the greatest views for the cyclist - so we try to balance all the factors that will give the best experience.

What type of accommodation is used?

We have gone to every effort to ensure that on one of our holidays, you enjoy the best of Scottish hospitality. See our accommodation page for more.

Could I use this holiday to raise sponsorship money for charity?

Yes certainly. There are many holidays these days offering you the opportunity to cycle and raise money for a good cause. You don't have to go to Vietnam or Cuba to do this. Our holidays are entirely suitable for raising sponsorship money and that can always be an extra incentive to push you up those hills.

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