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Velodays Terms And Conditions

Velodays Terms And Conditions

Scotland is a beauitful country with lots to see and do when it comes to Cycling holidays

A contract exists between you, the customer, and Neil Innes trading as Velodays Cycling Holidays when a booking has been made either verbally by telephone or by fax, email or letter, a deposit has been made and confirmation has been issued. By entering this contract, you and all other persons named on the booking form and / or invoice, including anyone added subsequently, accept the following terms and conditions.


A deposit of £100.00 per person should be submitted with your completed booking form; this ensures a place is then reserved in your name. On receipt, a booking confirmation will be issued showing the date your balance becomes due. The whole balance should be paid no later than 30 days prior to commencing the tour. Tours booked within 30 days of departure will require payment in full at the time of the booking.

If You Cancel

Cancellations must be received in writing at our office. In this event, the following terms will apply: Bookings cancelled more than 30 days prior to commencing the tour: the company will refund all sums paid less deposit. Bookings cancelled between 30 and 15 days before departure: 50% of total holiday price refunded. Bookings cancelled less than 15 days before departure: 25% of total holiday price refunded.

Exceptions to this policy cannot be made for any reason, including weather or personal emergencies. There is no refund for arriving late or leaving a tour early. In the event of you having to cancel, you may transfer your booking to another person. However, you will be liable for any administration costs and are responsible for your nominee paying their monies in full.

If We Cancel

We reserve the right to cancel any tour. However, this would only become necessary in exceptional circumstances. In such an event, we would endeavour to offer you an alternative. If this were not possible or acceptable, we would issue a full refund. Velodays Cycling Holidays accept no responsibility for, and shall not be liable in respect of, any loss, damage, alterations, delays or changes arising from circumstances outside our control, such as but not restricted to: industrial dispute, civil strife, fire, adverse weather conditions, terrorist activity, natural disaster, technical problems with connecting transport, cancellation of scheduled or charter airlines, closure or congestion of airports or ports, or financial failure of contractors.

Price Guarantee

Roads in Scotland are great for cycling with a mixture of hills and bends for all types of cyclist!Prices published by Velodays Cycling Holidays are per person and based upon two persons sharing a room on each night of the tour. Prices do not include airfares, rail fares or any other transport costs to and from the tour. The information provided in the Velodays Cycling Holiday website attempts, as far as possible, to provide details of the tour undertaken, its duration, route and nature and details of the accommodation. Further details will be provided as known, but if the applicant becomes aware at any stage that the information does not coincide with their understanding of the position, the onus will be upon the applicant to intimate their intention to cancel the booking before the 30-day period referred to previously.

Arrangements for your tour are made well in advance. There are therefore occasional changes which can occur. In most cased, these changes will be minor and will no effect your holiday. While every effort is made to be as accurate as possible in our brochure descriptions and with our tour itineraries, Velodays Cycling Holidays reserves the right to amend them before travel. In the event of any change, we will advise you immediately and you may then (a) continue the tour with the new itinerary, (b) accept an alternative of the same or similar value, or (c) cancel your holiday with a full refund. Velodays Cycling Holidays do not accept responsibility for any itinerary changes made during a tour due to deficiencies in services resulting from local conditions, maintenance, weather or cycling ability of the tour participants.

Included in the price of each tour is accommodation on a B&B basis, all administrative costs, maps and itineraries. Your tour price does not include any supplements outlined below.

Special Requests

Please communicate any special requests you may have at the time of booking (e.g., diet, disability, allergy). Velodays Cycling Holidays will endeavour to arrange special requests to be met, but cannot guarantee the extent to which requests will be addressed.


Our prices are based on double or twin occupancy. If you require a single room you will be charged a single supplement regardless of when you book. However, single rooms are limited and therefore subject to availability. Single room supplement is variable depending on the hotels.

Tour Delays

We cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen delays in your flights or travel prior to, during or after the tour, caused by weather, road works or other unforeseen circumstances. In the event of an unavoidable delay, we will attempt to re-route you, but ultimately you will be responsible for providing your own meals and accommodation until you rejoin the schedule of the tour booked.

Safe Cycling

Velodays Cycling Holidays promotes safe and responsible cycling. Safety is the primary concern of Velodays Cycling Holidays and all clients will be issued with guidance for safe cycling and must take responsibility for cycling with due care and attention.

Customer Feedback and Complaints

Your opinions and views are important to us. We believe we offer a quality product but, in order for us to keep in tune with our customer aspirations and continually improve our product and services, we will provide a questionnaire at the end of the tour.

However, if during the holiday you have a complaint, please discuss the matter immediately with a representative of Velodays Cycling Holidays who will attempt to rectify the cause as soon as possible. At the very latest a complaint must be lodged by the end of the tour. Should you be dissatisfied with the result and feel it has severely affected your enjoyment of the holiday, please write to us within 28 days of your return. All written complaints will be acknowledged within 7 days of receipt, and we will respond in full within 28 days and endeavour to resolve the matter to our mutual satisfaction.

Tour Booking Form

By signing the booking form you accept the Terms and Conditions as a binding contract. Velodays Cycling Holidays cannot accept any tour participant without a duly signed booking form. Please read our Booking Conditions carefully.

Reservation and Deposit

For the tour a booking deposit of £100.00 per person is required at the time of booking. This deposit secures a place on the tour. The balance is due 30 days before the tour starts. If the total balance is not received 60 days before tour start, Velodays Cycling Holidays reserves the right to treat the reservation as cancelled and charge the cancellation fee. Cheques to be made payable to Velodays Cycling Holidays and the completed, signed booking form should be returned to Velodays Cycling Holidays.


Please note that Neil Innes Velodays Cycling Holidays cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to your luggage or personal property, nor for any other loss, damage, inconvenience, delay, illness, fatal or other injury suffered by you as a result of making a reservation with us, unless it can be shown that the company is in breach of its contractual and legal duty.

It is agreed and understood that the owners, operators and agents of this tour including Neil Innes trading as Velodays Cycling Holidays are not the guardians of any customer's safety and they, individually or collectively, cannot be held liable in any way for any occurrence which might result in injury, death or other damage to the client.

It is the responsibility of you, the client, to ensure that all items are returned in the physical condition and working order in which they were received. In the event of loss, theft or damage to a bike or piece of navigational equipment supplied by Velodays Cycling Holidays, you will be liable for the cost of repair or replacement of that item.

Weather Conditions

Velodays Cycling Holidays strives to schedule its tours at a time of the year when the weather in the touring area is usually pleasant for cycling. Many tours pass through areas where weather conditions can change very fast and significantly. Velodays Cycling Holidays cannot be made liable for unpleasant or unsuitable weather conditions and no refunds are made for such conditions.

Mechanical Problems

It is the responsibility of clients to cycle between overnight destinations in point-to point tours. In the event of a mechanical malfunction which renders a bicycle as beyond use, Velodays Cycling Holidays will endeavour to assist with arrangements to enable you to reach the final destination for the day, and where appropriate repair or replace a hired bicycle.

If the mechanical problem occurs on a bicycle we did not supply or as a result of damage caused by a fall or collision, you, the client will be liable for the costs associated with the transport and repair cost incurred.

Printing Errors and Mistakes

Velodays Cycling Holidays reserves the right to correct printing errors or calculation mistakes at any time.


It is a European Union requirement that anybody booking a "package" holiday must have appropriate travel and health insurance and you will be required to present evidence of appropriate insurance before commencement of your holiday. Insurance cover should include medical and personal risk while cycling. We also recommend you include cancellation cover. Velodays Cycling Holidays accepts no responsibility for a customer's failure to arrange appropriate cover or to provide us with details.

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